Carer (116 and 836) visas

This visa is for someone who needs to move to Australia to:

  • care for a relative in Australia with a long-term or permanent medical condition, or
  • assist a relative providing care to a member of their family unit with a long-term or permanent medical conditions.

The Australian sponsor needs to show medical evidence that she or she suffers from at least a 30% physical or mental impairment, verified by the prescribed health provided (currently Bupa). The sponsor will also need to demonstrate that this assistance could not reasonably be provided by medical or community services in Australia, or provided by other relatives in Australia.

You might be eligible for this visa if

  • you have a relative in Australia who needs assistance due to a long-term or permanent medical condition
  • your relative has arranged an assessment with Bupa Medical Visa Services
  • there is no one else in Australia who can provide the care or assistance
  • you are willing and able to assist your relative
  • you are sponsored by your relative or their partner.​

There is a very severe cap on this visa subclass and an outcome is expected to take many years.

You must be outside of Australia to apply for the 116 visa and inside of Australia to apply for the 836 visa.