Changing Employers while on a 457 Sponsored Visa

If you are currently in Australia on a Skilled Sponsored, subclass 457 visa, you know that your visa is only valid as long as you are continuously employed by the company sponsoring you.

However, if you wish to switch employers, it is possible to do so as long as the new employer is willing to continue your sponsorship for the purposes of your visa (and meets all other requirements as a sponsor).

The most important thing for you to remember, as the visa holder, is that you must not,under any circumstances, allow more than 60 days between employers (the limit was reduced from 90 days to 60 days in November 2016). If you are not employed by a valid sponsor for a period longer than 60 days at any time while in Australia on your 457 visa, you will be in breach of a visa condition and your visa could be cancelled.

So plan ahead and make sure you understand the risks and implications of taking the leap to another employer.