How do I check my Australian Visa Status?

The Department of Home Affairs provides a free tool for you to check your visa status and any conditions attached to that visa. It’s called Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO). There’s also an app you can use, called myVEVO. Both individuals and organisations (eg employers, migration agents, real estate agents) can use VEVO.

Checking Your Own Visa Status

You do not need to register to use VEVO all you need is your passport or ImmiCard details and one of the following reference numbers:

  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN) – provided to you if you apply for your visa online. If you lodged your application through ImmiAccount, you can also find your TRN there.
  • Visa Grant Number – provided to you on the notification you receive advising you are successful in your visa application.
  • Visa Evidence Number (not available in the myVEVO app).

Click on the ‘Check your own visa details with VEVO’ button and then fill in your personal particulars as requested.

You can then download a PDF of your current visa and conditions.

Reasons to check your Visa Status in VEVO

  • Check everything is correct: You can check if your understanding of your visa is right and whether the Department has the correct details (for example, you may have updated your passport).
  • Check the conditions on your visa: You can confirm the conditions on your visa and that of your dependents. It’s very important that you know and understand the conditions on your visa (for example, limits on work rights) as the consequences of breaching your visa conditions are severe.
  • Check you still have a visa: Sometimes things get overlooked and confused. Check the exact date that your visa expires and ensure that you are lawful at all times.
  • To provide evidence with an application – rental and job application sometimes request evidence of your visa status. A PDF from VEVO is an easy and up-to-date way to provide it.

What does it all mean?

When you use VEVO, the following details about your visa are shown

Visa details in VEVOWhat it means
Current Date and TimeDetails the time and date the VEVO check was made.
NameThis shows the visa holder name as recorded in the Department’s systems.
Passport numberThe passport number that was used to make the VEVO query.
Visa class and subclassDetails the visa you have been granted.
Visa streamThe stream associated to the visa class and subclass of your visa. For example, Visitor Visa Tourist stream.
Visa descriptionAdvises type of visa granted. For example: Student, Visitor or Resident Return.
Visa applicantShows role the visa holder played in the visa application.
Visa grant dateThe date the department made a decision to give you a visa.
Visa expiry dateFor temporary visa holders only.

If you are:

·         outside Australia, this is the date your visa ends

·         in Australia, this is the date the period of stay ends on your visa. You must leave Australia before midnight (AEST) on this date.

Visa statusThe status of your visa.

·         ‘In effect’ means that your visa has started, but it won’t be activated until you enter Australia.

·         ‘Temporarily ceased’ means your granted ‘Longer Validity’ Visitor visa has been temporarily ceased.

Visa grant numberThe number that identifies your visa.
Entries allowedA visa might be granted for a single entry or multiple entries within a specified period.

·         Single entry: You can only enter Australia once.

·         Multiple entry: You can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want while your visa is valid, but the total time you spend in Australia cannot be more than the period of stay that you have been granted.

Must enter before dateIf you applied for your visa while outside Australia and your visa allows multiple entries into Australia, this is the date your first entry must be made by.
Must not arrive after dateYou must enter Australia before this date – as long as you enter Australia before this date you are allowed to be in Australia for the stay period listed for your visa.


·         temporary visa holders, this is the date your visa ends

·         permanent residents (including resident return visa holders), this is the date the travel facility of your visa ends. That means if you depart Australia after this date you will require a resident return visa to re-enter Australia.

Period of stayTells you how long you are allowed to stay in Australia on your visa.
LocationWhere you are when VEVO check is undertaken, either inside or outside Australia.
Work entitlementsThis will let you know whether you are allowed to work in Australia while holding the visa.
Workplace rightsInformation to assist visa holders with knowledge of your Australian workplace rights and protections.
Study entitlementsThis will let you know whether you are able to undertake a course of study on your current visa.
Visa ConditionsFor temporary visa holders only.

Tells you what you can and can’t do while in Australia on your visa.