Visa Condition 8107 – Work Restriction

If you are in Australia on a skilled visa, you may be subject to a very specific restriction designed to ensure you are working continuously for the time you are in Australia for that purpose.

Condition 8107, which is placed on all 457 visas, stipulates that the visa holder must commence work with their nominated employer within 90 days of entering Australia. If the visa holder changes nominated employers, the maximum amount of time between employers is capped (for visas granted on, or after, 19 November 2016) at 60 days (previously 90 days).

If the visa holder exceeds these time limits, their visa will be liable for cancellation as a result of Condition 8107.

In recent times, we have seen frequent changes by the Government to the subclass 457 visa – including to eligibility requirements and conditions. The reduction in time allowed between employers is just one such crucial example of this. It is essential to always keep up-to-date with the changes and how they affect you.

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