Health Requirements for 457 Applicants

Applicants for 457 visas are subject to the normal health criteria for all visa applicants. However, there is a streamlined process.

Applicants are divided into 3 categories, depending on their country of origin:

  • low risk
  • medium risk, or
  • high risk

For low risk countries, no health examinations or chest x-rays are required. For medium risk countries, these are not required if the person is coming for less than 12 months. For higher risk countries, chest x-rays are required for anyone coming to Australia for over 3 months. If a person if coming from a higher risk country for over 12 months, then a chest x-ray and health examination are required.

There are also additional, occupation specific requirements. For example, medical professionals are required to undertake a blood test for HIV and Hepatitis A and B.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protections retains discretion to request a full health examination when it deems necessary.

If the applicant or a family member does not meet the health requirements, there may be provision for a waiver as long as the condition does not present a danger to the Australian community.

Visa applicants are responsible for making adequate health insurance arrangements for the period of their stay in Australia (travel insurance is not considered adequate). Applicants from countries with Reciprocal Health Care Arrangements with Australia are exempt (at time of writing, this includes the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Malta and New Zealand).