Investor Visa (subclass 891) – The Pathway to Permanent Residency

The Investor Visa (subclass 891) is a permanent visa that allows a person to obtain Australian Permanent Residency by making a significant financial investment in Australia.

In order to be eligible to apply for this visa, a person must:

  • already hold an Investor (Provisional)(Subclass 162) visa. Note: the subclass 162 is no longer open to new applicants, and
  • have maintained a designated investment of AUD $1,500,000 for four years.​

If you have met the conditions together with your spouse, they will also be eligible for a subclass 891 permanent visa. Upon grant, other members of your family unit will also be eligible.

This visa gives you and any member of your family unit the right to:

  • stay in Australia indefinitely
  • work and study in Australia
  • access Medicare benefits
  • apply for Australian citizenship (when you become eligible)
  • sponsor eligible relatives to come to Australia permanently, and
  • travel to and from Australia.

Please click the below links for detail on each of the investor migration pathways.

Significant Investor Visa (subclass 891): The applicant must hold an Investor (Provisional)(Subclass 162) visa and maintained a minimum investment of $1.5 million in Australia for four years.

*Note: The subclass 162 visa is no longer open to new applicants*

Business Innovation and Investment Visa (subclass 888): The applicant must hold a provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 188), must have been nominated by an Australian State or Territory or the Federal Government and have met the requirements of their current visa.

These visas, and the conditions around them, are very complicated. Always be sure to obtain advice specific to your situation before making an application, to ensure you have the best chance of success.