MARA Migration Agents’ Code of Conduct

As discussed in our article on Migration Agents, the Migration Agents Registration Authority maintains a Code of Conduct that sets the minimum requirements for Registered Agents and a basic level of expectations that their clients can expect.

The Code of Conduct itself is prescribed by Legislation (the Migration Act 1958) and contained in the Migration Regulations 1994.

What does the Code of Conduct Say?

In general, the Code of Conduct requires Migration Agents to behave ethically and in the best interests of their client, to handle client money responsibly (including with good record keeping and financial management) and to maintain a high standard of ethics generally.

This means, for example, strongly recommending against courses of action where the client is highly unlikely to be successful.

In addition, the Code outlines the rights clients have in situations where they feel they have received poor service – including the right to make a complaint with the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Migration Agents are required to display a copy of the Code of Conduct in their waiting area and provide one to a client if requested.

You can view the code of conduct and grab an electronic copy for yourself at the MARA website.