Migration Agents Consumer Guide

The Consumer Guide is a brief, one-page overview of your rights under the Migration Agents Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct requires that you be given a copy of the user guide once you engage a Migration Agent, and before they undertake any work for you.

The Consumer Guide highlights the most important elements of your relationship with your Migration Agent; primarily, relating to how your money is handled, ensuring they are responsive to your communications and avoid any conflicts of interest.

In addition, it makes clear that your Registered Migration Agent is expected to:

  • be honest with you about your chances of securing a visa;
  • keep you informed about the progress of your application and any changes that may affect it;
  • be contactable during business hours and tell you if they change their contact details;
  • act within the law, your best interests and protect your privacy;
  • declare any interest they have that may affect your application and not act for you if there is a conflict;
  • provide you with a written statement — before starting work — of the services to be provided, the estimated fees and other costs;
  • charge a reasonable fee and, if you pay in advance, keep this in a separate bank account;
  • provide you with an invoice listing the actual services completed and the amount payable;
  • provide timely and correct advice and tell you in writing about the result of your application as soon as possible.

If your Agent does not give you a copy of the Consumer Guide, they are breaching the Code of Conduct and you are entitled to request one, along with a copy of the Code of Conduct.

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