Migration Health Requirements

Australia has very strict health requirements for migrants, both temporary and permanent, in order to maintain it’s high health standards. The intention of these requirements is to minimise risk and expense for the Australian public.

In addition to meeting these health requirements, you may also need to take out health insurance for the period of your stay in Australia.

While the health requirement is the same, no matter your visa or country of origin, the tests that are required do vary depending on individual circumstances.

For permanent visas, all applicants must meet the health requirements; this includes your partner and any dependents.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection states that:

Applicants for a permanent visa will be asked to undergo a medical examination, an x-ray if 11 years of age or older and an HIV/AIDS test if 15 years of age or older, as well as any additional tests requested by the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC).

For temporary visas, the Department states that:

Applicants for temporary visas may be required to undergo a medical examination, chest x-ray and/or other tests depending on how long they propose to stay in Australia, their intended activities in Australia, their country’s risk level for tuberculosis and other factors.

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