Life is too short to wait.

Sick of being apart from the love of your life?

Of course, there are times in life where we can’t be together but life is too short to spend unnecessary time apart.

There is little in life more upsetting than being separated from those we love.

And time apart caused by visa rules is even more irritating and wasteful.

The Australian Government – and in particular, the Immigration Department – is an uncaring, bureaucratic machine. It’s designed that way so that false applicants lose patience with the system and give up.

Which is tremendously annoying for applicants like you, who simply want to get on with their lives as they’re perfectly entitled to do.

The hoops that you have to jump through, as a result, are many and increasing.

All you want is to be able to live together in peace, but the complexity of the system has become so crazy that even a lot of genuine applicants have stopped bothering.

Worse, the Department is refusing more and more visa applications – often for minor issues that most applicants can’t even foresee.

When you are paying a $7000 application fee, you really don’t want to lose it for a silly technicality.

But with a backlog of 71,000 applications (at 30 June 2016), you can see why the Department will want to look for reasons to say no – it helps them get through the pile more quickly.

As an applicant, it’s your job to make sure your application is so perfect the first time that the Department can’t find a reason to say no.


You probably think this sounds pedantic – and it most certainly is.

But if there’s one lesson that poor suffering applicants learn again and again, it’s that the person making the decision on their application – however alert, tired, upset, absent-minded, or plainly mean – holds the power in their hands to impact your entire life.

This is the reason why we never, ever, want to give them the chance to say no.

Our clients sometimes complain that we are too focused on perfection in their applications – that we request too much information and too many documents from them.

But our advantage, which benefits our clients in the end, lies in our attention to detail. All we care about is getting you the visa – as quickly as possible, sure, but by first ensuring your risk is minimised as much as humanly possible, no matter what the Department throws at you.

This usually means we end up doing far more work than we strictly need to, and it also requires a bit more from you.

But we do it because we actually care about getting you that result – and we do it because we know that if it isn’t right the first time, it’s going to be a whole lot harder the second.

Some people don’t understand the risks of going in half-cocked and do it anyway – and sometimes they’re successful. But, more often, they aren’t.

This is not an approach we could ever adopt. We aren’t fly-by-night operators. We aren’t ‘gut-feel’ types of people. We dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s because our reputation is worth more than a bit of extra time preparing an application – especially when the outcome of that application is the difference between you achieving your life goals and having to come up with a Plan B.

So you won’t see us talking about rushing, or cutting corners with your application. You’ll never hear “near enough is good enough”.

That’s not how we operate.

If we were cowboys in our previous lives, perhaps we’d be different. But we were lawyers and public policy experts. So we get the importance of detail and understand how a small slip-up can create huge problems down the track.

Migration used to be an area where you could take a casual approach and be pretty ok – even when mistakes were identified, you have a chance to fix it.

Not so much anymore.

Are you familiar with this guy?

This is Peter Dutton.

He’s been the Immigration Minister since 2014 and he is ruling with an iron fist.

He loves to cancel visas.

As one example, here are the number of visas cancelled on character grounds since Mr Dutton took on the immigration portfolio just over 2 years ago.

As you can see, the number of cancellations has increased over 11 times!

That’s not 11% – but eleven times! – An insane 1100%.

He likes to refuse visas almost as much; you can see above that refusals for ‘bad character’ tripled in the past year alone. We are also seeing a major rise in the number of visas refused for non-character reasons – often for petty reasons that were not previously taken nearly so seriously.

For example, we had a client recently who came to us because her tourist visa had been refused because she could not financially support herself for a month Australia. Our client owned 4 houses, a large share portfolio and had $100,000 in available cash(!) – but the Department had simply failed to look at the documents she had provided.

Because she had no right to review, we had to lodge a new application – which we did with a strongly worded letter to the Department. Unsurprisingly, the second application went through without a hitch.

For a lot of offshore applicants, when their visa is refused – even where it was refused for a silly reason, they lose their application fee and have to start over.

It’s ridiculous.

Still worse, after a person has been granted a visa, the Department is cancelling more of those visas because of errors made back when they made their original applications. Often, even for an innocent mistake, people have had their lives ruined as they’re uprooted from Australia and forced to start over somewhere else.

It’s even worse when a person has a partner in Australia, possibly children, and they have to fight for their right to stay because they made a silly mistake they made by accident years ago.

It can be a cruel system – but unfortunately, it’s the system were working with.

The purpose of explaining all this is not to scare you. A genuine applicant with a good attention to detail can be successful with navigating the visa process and getting a positive result in the end.

But at the same time, knowledge is power. And any applicant who thinks the process is going to be easy – or, worse, thinks they can game the Department – is in for a nasty shock.

They say the best offence is a strong defence. Nowhere is this truer than when you’re dealing with Government.

The immigration system is designed to favour applicants who follow all the rules all of the time and present information to the Department in the right way.


For you, this is good news. If you do the right thing, if you’re attentive to detail and you understand your obligations – and are responsive to the Department’s requests – you will get there in the end.

If all this sounds like a lot of work, you are absolutely right.

We are a group of experienced migration agents who are used to dealing with the bureaucracy, and it’s an extremely time-consuming process even for us.

And if you frankly don’t want the hassle of dealing with the Department yourself, that is where we can step in.

Our job is to step into your shoes and advocate for the quickest, best outcome for you.

We absorb the blows, the frustration, the endless requests from poorly trained case officers and we push, push, push all the way until we get your visa granted.

You have a role to play too, but our other job is to make sure of two things:

1. You don’t get any more involved than you absolutely need to, and

2. You always know exactly how your application is going.

This second one seems simple enough, but it is the single biggest complaint we hear about other migration agents.

It constantly surprises us, but we hear it again and again.

Of course it’s in our interests to know you’re fully informed and happy with our service at all times – it’s a complete no-brainer.

This is one of the most critical periods of your life, you need to know what’s going on.

Therefore, we keep you up-to-date. Simple, really.

The immigration process is not that fun. It’s a pain. It’s a roadblock between where you and your partner are now, and where you need to get to.

You’ve got a lot to focus on. At least one of you needs to pack up their life in another country to start fresh in Australia.

You’ve got work, perhaps study, friends to see, bills to pay and all the other fun activities that go with being an adult.

So if you decide not to subject yourself to your own partner visa application – and free up a few hundred hours for more enjoyable pursuits – that is understandable.

In fact, it’s our very reason for existing.

We are here to make your life easier and get you where you need to be. We do the painstaking work because not only are we very good at it, we enjoy it immensely.

There is nothing more satisfying than picking up the phone and making our client’s dream come true.

Start your next chapter today and save $1000.

Your entire partner visa process taken care of for just $2999.

(Plus disbursements and Visa Fees payable to the Government)

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