Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS)

For the 457 visa, Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) is the most common path to employ skilled workers from overseas on a long-term, temporary basis. Labour Agreements are the other possible path.

To apply under this category, prospective applicants must be sponsored by an Australian business (unless you are an overseas business looking to establish business activity in Australia).

Before nominating an employee, the sponsoring Australian business must be approved as a standard business sponsor.

For people seeking to work in Australia on a 457 visa under the SBS, it is a three stage progress:

1. Sponsorship

The business must be approved as a standard business sponsor. The sponsor must be a lawfully and actively operating business in Australia. Approval generally lasts for three years.

The sponsoring business must meet training benchmarks for Australian citizens or permanent residents.

2. Nomination

Within the sponsorship approval, employers may nominate an applicant for a visa. Unless exempt, you may be required to undertake labour market testing.

3. Visa Application

A nominee can now submit an application for a 457 visa. The applicant should meet all the requirements for registration or licensing necessary to practise that trade or profession. They can be inside Australia or outside at the time of application.

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