Superyacht Crew Visa (488)

The Superyacht Crew Visa (488) allows crew members to work on board a superyacht in Australia for a period of up to 12 months. While in Australia on this visa, you will be able to apply for a further 488 visa.

In order to be eligible for this visa you must:

  • Be employed as a superyacht crew member
  • be sponsored by an approved Superyacht Crew sponsor, or
  • supply details of a potential sponsor who has applied for approval.

A Superyacht is any high-value luxury sailing or motor vessel that:

  • is 24 metres or longer
  • is not carrying cargo
  • is used for sport or pleasure.

As a holder of this visa, you will not be allowed to do any other work in Australia. You are only able to work for your sponsor and only on the superyacht.

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