Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa

The Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa allows temporary entry into Australia:

  • in relation to a bilateral agreement (Government Agreement stream)
  • to represent a foreign government or to teach a foreign language in an Australian school (Foreign Government Agency stream)
  • to do domestic work for a diplomat (Domestic Worker stream)
  • as a person with statutory privileges and immunities (Privileges and Immunities stream), or
  • to participate in the program of seasonal work (Seasonal Worker Program stream).

This visa has 5 streams:

  • Government Agreement Stream
  • Foreign Government Agency
  • Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular stream)
  • Privileges and Immunities stream
  • Seasonal worker program stream.

Government Agreement Stream

This stream is for people who are to undertake a position under a bilateral agreement between the Australian or state or territory governments and a foreign government. For example, Fulbright Scholars would use this stream.

Foreign Government Agency Stream

This stream if for staff of foreign government agencies (who do not have diplomatic or consular status) or foreign language teachers (as an employee of a foreign government). Employment of this person would need to be of benefit to Australia.

Privileges and Immunities Stream

This stream is for foreign government officials or staff posted to Australia who are not diplomatic or consular staff. The positions enjoy certain privileges and immunities, for example, UN staff.

Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular) Stream

This stream is designed for people who are to undertake full-time domestic duties in Australia for diplomats or consular representatives. This stream must be applied for outside of Australia.

Seasonal Worker Program Stream

This stream allows people to work as a seasonal labourer in selected industries. It is designed for Australian employers who cannot source local labour. This program is limited to selected countries. This stream must be applied for outside of Australia.