Visa Application Charges

There are a range of visa application charges that you may be required to pay to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, depending on the type of visa you are applying for and your specific circumstances.

These fees are charged are indexed, typically biannually.

The fees and charges you have to pay may include:

First Installment Visa Application Charge

This is the charge that must be paid at time of application.

Additional Applicant Charge

If you have secondary applicants on your application (for example, your spouse or child) you may need to pay an additional charge.

Non-internet Application Charge

If you can submit an application via the internet, yet choose to make a paper-based application, you may be liable for a non-internet application charge.

Second Installment Visa Charge

For many visas, this second charge must be paid before your visa can be granted.

Health Services Charge

If your visa is subject to a Migration Health Services Charge, this must be paid before your visa can be granted.

English Language Charge

For most skilled migration visas, you need to achieve a minimum level of English proficiency. For some other visas, if you do not have functional English, you may be required to make an additional payment as part of your Second Installment Visa Charge. If you pay this charge you will be entitled to English language tuition.

Credit Card Surcharge

If you use a credit card to pay for your visa application then you will be charged a credit card surcharge. At time of writing, the surcharge depends on the type of card you pay with:
Visa or Mastercard: 1.08%
AMEX or JCB: 1.99%
Diner’s Club: 2.91%